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As planned II…

If Lois Lerner spends as much as a minute behind bars, no one will be more shocked than me. Same goes for this yahoo: John Koskien’s resume reads like a typical big-governemnt liberal: Yale Law School, “post graduate work” at … Continue reading

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All Good Things…

Language, borders, culture. Take them in any order. This is what defines a nation. It is also one of those rare subjects on which one can truthfully assert that size doesn’t matter. One’s nation could be as large as the … Continue reading

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This Is What Success Looks Like…

…if you hate Western Civilization. Words like “stunning” come to mind. Incompetence would be easy to explain away. Surely the Obama administration has shown itself to be completely inept with respect to the economics of the lemonade stand. But, when … Continue reading

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Leave The Stage Already…

We’re more than two years out from the 2016 election and the fatigue has already set in. The totalitarians have apparently already chosen their champion, if the fawning coverage is any indication. All that is left is for them to … Continue reading

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…to so few.

When one mentions “Dunkirk” to the average high-school student in America, one is inevitably met with glazed eyes right before those eyes flick back down to the ubiquitous i-Phone. For those with a greater-than 7-second attention span, here is William … Continue reading

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As Planned…

Amid the all the outrage and hand wringing over the “scandal” at the VA, most commentators seem to be missing the point. Of course there are stark differences in the presentation depending on the source. Even some of the carcinogenic … Continue reading

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