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What I Failed To Learn From Junior High

My Mother-in-Law bought me a copy of Greg Guttfield’s “Uncool” for my birthday. For those who haven’t gotten around to it, allow me to recommend it. If you are reading this blog, you will probably find parallels to your own … Continue reading

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A Failure To Learn From History

Sweeping out of the North at the head of his Visigoth army, Alaric entered Italy, encountering token resistance at best. The year was 410 A.D., and Rome’s days were clearly numbered. Charged with the security of the crumbling empire but … Continue reading

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Fools Fighting In A Burning House

This should give you reason to be concerned. Or at least terrified. After all, that’s quite a bill. And it’s yours. Yes, each and every U.S. Taxpayer needs to cough up nearly one million one hundred thousand dollars in order … Continue reading

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