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Science and Nature: The Colonel’s Reading List

The reading list feature on this blog really has me thinking about what I’ve collected over the last 30+ years.  Journaling about our efforts and progress with respect to the library renovation has been something of a focusing tool.

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What I Didn’t Hear

Neither of you said you would leave me alone.  Why is that so hard? We’re already handing over 60% of our labor to support the leviathan of government on the Federal, State, and Local level.  Apparently that’s not enough.

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Leaving A Legacy

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.   Philippians 4:7 Yesterday I had a front row seat at the Peace that passes understanding. On September 20th, after a long struggle … Continue reading

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Military Fiction: The Colonel’s Reading List

I’m looking around my library with some despondency. Oh, the new coat of paint on the sheet rock – a light silver-ish blue – looks great. And the placeholders are doing the job. One folding table serves as Lois’ return. … Continue reading

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The Myth Of Corporate Taxes

This is a companion piece to this week’s episode of “Two Minutes Out Of Your Life.” Wait a sec… There is no such thing as corporate taxes. Oh, there are fees assessed to a corporation’s earnings. There is an “official” … Continue reading

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Forgiveness and Spiritual Maturity – Part Two

The Spirit hungers… Why is it so difficult to forgive, particularly those who think and act as though they’ve done nothing wrong? Why are we triggered to offense, in some cases quite easily? In a word – Pride. We all want respect. … Continue reading

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For the briefest of times we were unified.  We knew who the enemy was.  We had clear vision and purpose.  We understood that evil had a face, an ideology, and the means to harm us. Remember the victims.  Remember the … Continue reading

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Forgiveness and Spiritual Maturity – Part One

I’m taking a step away from my traditional political observations and for the next week or two and I will share express what is on my heart write about something a little more oriented towards the Spirit.  We’ve all seen … Continue reading

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Brain Droppings: My Plans for the Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day I know the communists marched over 110,000,000 people to their deaths in the last century, but they did get us a day off in September, and that has to count for something. My Plans for Labor Day I’m not going … Continue reading

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