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Movies That I Like & My Kids Hate

Pop-Culture Gap In General, Movies in Particular. “Hate” may be a strong word.  Our children are often bored by what we find interesting.  Most of us can relate.  Like a feminist matron glumly watching a lovingly gifted special edition copy … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Reformation

Islam requires reformation. This needs to be said, therefore let’s stop dancing around the issue. To my knowledge Hindus, Taoists, and Buddhists generally don’t strap on bombs, and they don’t  seek out soft targets in the Western World. One could make a … Continue reading

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The De-Construction of Marriage

Marriage, as we know it is all but gone. And it’s our fault.  People will still get “married,” of course.  Couples will hold a ceremonies in front of friends and family pledging to build a life together. For a little while … Continue reading

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Two Minutes Out Of Your Life – Belief In God.

While God’s existence is not in question, man’s interpretation of Him remains infinitely variable.  Our attempts to understand him continue to vex us.  

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