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The Colonel’s Music List – Year-End Edition 2016

A few selections from the shelves. This post contains affiliate links. Mozart – 1756 -1791. I’ve lost lost tract of just how many of Mozart’s works I have on my possession.  Between CD’s (I still purchase them once in a while) … Continue reading

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Why We’re Not In Space Yet.

“Because I don’t want to go to Space.” That’s how my wife answered the question. Of course getting her on a plane would prove a challenge, so there you go. I cut my teeth on Star Trek – an optimistic … Continue reading

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The Tree. A Short Tale of Winter Solstice.

The Tree. Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg, George III’s consort is generally credited with ordering the first Christmas Tree in England, making it enormously popular with the aristocracy of the time.

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We Keep Watching The Same Medical Drama

The Medical Drama you’re watching today is the same one your parents watched.  They same one.  This isn’t to say that some aren’t interesting, or that they don’t have decent character development. If you’re a fan, I get it. But you’re watching … Continue reading

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How The Federal Government Jacked With Your Retirement

Retirement – sounds so final, doesn’t it?  You’re not getting there.  Not the way you think. Or not the way you thought.  Remember the days of company financed pensions?  Yeah, neither do I. This post contains affiliate links.

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