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Monday Morning Inspiration.

The Road of Kings, by Robert E. Howard.

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Gray Matter Shavings – Random Thoughts From The Week Of 10/23/17.

A Pinch of Gray Matter.  Thoughts that just won’t stop. I need to get a better hobby. A communist will tell you that communism has never worked because the right people never tried it.  I guess the right people have … Continue reading

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The Colonel In His Garden Part Two

Mid-Autumn Garden. It’s a wet Columbus Day.  Tropical Depression Nate passed through Pennsylvania this morning on its way the New England.  The Garden is full of surprises. A better gardener than I would have everything pulled up and covered by … Continue reading

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Life Is A Highway – Reflections On Las Vegas

Life really is a highway – here’s why. It only takes one. One guy to screw things up.  Because life is a highway.  Great when it functions as designed.  Beyond aggravating when it doesn’t.

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