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The trail behind me is littered with failure. The trail before me remains to be seen.

Time – An Obsession – 2018 New Year’s Edition

Time  – A Human Obsession. Time – the non-spatial continuum – continues to hold the fascination of humankind. Last night the population of entire planet celebrated Time. It is the biggest event of the year – bigger than the Super … Continue reading

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The Politics of Chess.

Israeli players denied access to chess tournament held in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Government would not issues visas because the Kingdom does not have diplomatic ties with Israel. Well. then maybe your should work on that, fellas.

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Handel’s Messiah – A Phil & Lois Story

It was one of the most memorable episodes in our story. And yes, Handel’s Messiah was the focus.  It was our first Christmas as a young married couple. Lois asked me if I would pick up some Christmas music on … Continue reading

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God Does Not Inform Our Politics.

Claiming Your Politics Aligns You With God?  Really? God does not inform my politics. Which means he doesn’t inform yours either. You can pray, seek guidance, but in the end, you really don’t know.

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Jerusalem – What Took Us So Long?

For The Record. Let’s get this out of the way up front. The City of Jerusalem is a Holy City to two faiths, not three. The Old and New Testaments mention Jerusalem throughout. The City is firmly embedded, root and … Continue reading

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The Purges Will Continue Until Morale Improves.

For A Leftist, Purity Is Everything. For reasons that escape me, the enemies of Western Civilization feel the need to purge their ranks.  The Left is consistent if nothing else. What is most puzzling is that they are ridding themselves … Continue reading

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The Real Lessons From Roy Moore & Al Franken.

Moore and Franken – How NOT to win. You would have thought by now, having been shown how to win, that the Republicans would have gotten on board. The lessons from the Roy Moore and Al Franken kerfuffle are the … Continue reading

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Reflections on Sutherland Springs, TX.

Sutherland Springs: Should Have Been A Typical Sunday. A man walks into a Church. Heeding the Apostle Paul’s call to assemble together. Seeking fellowship, seeking to draw closer to his creator.  It’s a typical Sunday in Sutherland Springs, Tx.  Or … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Inspiration.

The Road of Kings, by Robert E. Howard.

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Gray Matter Shavings – Random Thoughts From The Week Of 10/23/17.

A Pinch of Gray Matter.  Thoughts that just won’t stop. I need to get a better hobby. A communist will tell you that communism has never worked because the right people never tried it.  I guess the right people have … Continue reading

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