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Revisiting The Classics I – Selections From The Colonel’s Library

Every library should have at least some classical literature on the shelves.  Here is a little of what is on mine. Dracula – Bram Stoker, 1897. Every wish you had enough juice to make your real estate agent pay you … Continue reading

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The Self-Help Scam – Some Eye-Rolling Selections From The Colonel’s Library.

It’s Going To Get Ugly This is going to be a brutal take-down.  The self-help and management gurus have a lot to answer for.  Of course, if you set yourself up as a great thinker or theoretician, be prepared for some criticism.  But … Continue reading

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The Colonel’s Reading List – An Eclectic Edition

The shelves are almost up.  Really.  One way or another this room is going to be completed by Thanksgiving. In the meantime, the de-humidifier is running nearly 24 hours a day down in the basement, otherwise the books will just … Continue reading

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Science and Nature: The Colonel’s Reading List

The reading list feature on this blog really has me thinking about what I’ve collected over the last 30+ years.  Journaling about our efforts and progress with respect to the library renovation has been something of a focusing tool.

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Military Fiction: The Colonel’s Reading List

I’m looking around my library with some despondency. Oh, the new coat of paint on the sheet rock – a light silver-ish blue – looks great. And the placeholders are doing the job. One folding table serves as Lois’ return. … Continue reading

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