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How To Avoid Poverty. It’s Easier Than You Think.

The War On Poverty has failed.  As a nation, we need to come to terms with this very simple fact.  If not, then the system will collapse of its own weight, because the current model is unsustainable. I’m from the government … Continue reading

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The Colonel’s Music List – Year-End Edition 2016

A few selections from the shelves. This post contains affiliate links. Mozart – 1756 -1791. I’ve lost lost tract of just how many of Mozart’s works I have on my possession.  Between CD’s (I still purchase them once in a while) … Continue reading

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The Tree. A Short Tale of Winter Solstice.

The Tree. Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg, George III’s consort is generally credited with ordering the first Christmas Tree in England, making it enormously popular with the aristocracy of the time.

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A Simple Soldier, & The Battle of Remagen

March, 1945. A war-ravaged continent, a bridge called Ludendorff, and a town called Remagen. Die-hard patches of snow littered the ground here and there. Months before, the German Wehrmacht launched a daring winter offensive, nearly negating the hard-fought Allied gains … Continue reading

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The Colonel’s Reading List – An Eclectic Edition

The shelves are almost up.  Really.  One way or another this room is going to be completed by Thanksgiving. In the meantime, the de-humidifier is running nearly 24 hours a day down in the basement, otherwise the books will just … Continue reading

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The De-Construction of Marriage

Marriage, as we know it is all but gone. And it’s our fault.  People will still get “married,” of course.  Couples will hold a ceremonies in front of friends and family pledging to build a life together. For a little while … Continue reading

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Two Minutes Out Of Your Life – Belief In God.

While God’s existence is not in question, man’s interpretation of Him remains infinitely variable.  Our attempts to understand him continue to vex us.  

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Leaving A Legacy

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.   Philippians 4:7 Yesterday I had a front row seat at the Peace that passes understanding. On September 20th, after a long struggle … Continue reading

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Military Fiction: The Colonel’s Reading List

I’m looking around my library with some despondency. Oh, the new coat of paint on the sheet rock – a light silver-ish blue – looks great. And the placeholders are doing the job. One folding table serves as Lois’ return. … Continue reading

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Forgiveness and Spiritual Maturity – Part Two

The Spirit hungers… Why is it so difficult to forgive, particularly those who think and act as though they’ve done nothing wrong? Why are we triggered to offense, in some cases quite easily? In a word – Pride. We all want respect. … Continue reading

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