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The Solution To Healthcare.

Healthcare: Time to get serious. The Commissars of the Federal Government are not serious about providing healthcare. They are on the other hand, serious about controlling the health insurance industry. The difference is important and should come as no surprise … Continue reading

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How The Federal Government Jacked With Your Retirement

Retirement – sounds so final, doesn’t it?  You’re not getting there.  Not the way you think. Or not the way you thought.  Remember the days of company financed pensions?  Yeah, neither do I. This post contains affiliate links.

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The Federal Budget, Debt, Sequestration, or How A Nation Commits Suicide

Sequestration is coming. No, I’m not referring that pointless debate which took place in the Fall of 2013. I’m certainly not referring to those occasional budget debates which play out from time to time. You know, the debates where Republicans … Continue reading

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An Appeal to The Better Angels

I just have one request.  One.  And this goes for everyone at every level of the food chain.  This is for everyone one on the school board, the town counsel, my state assemblyman, my congressman, senator, and everyone in the … Continue reading

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Fools Fighting In A Burning House

This should give you reason to be concerned. Or at least terrified. After all, that’s quite a bill. And it’s yours. Yes, each and every U.S. Taxpayer needs to cough up nearly one million one hundred thousand dollars in order … Continue reading

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