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The Politics of Chess.

Israeli players denied access to chess tournament held in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Government would not issues visas because the Kingdom does not have diplomatic ties with Israel. Well. then maybe your should work on that, fellas.

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Handel’s Messiah – A Phil & Lois Story

It was one of the most memorable episodes in our story. And yes, Handel’s Messiah was the focus.  It was our first Christmas as a young married couple. Lois asked me if I would pick up some Christmas music on … Continue reading

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God Does Not Inform Our Politics.

Claiming Your Politics Aligns You With God?  Really? God does not inform my politics. Which means he doesn’t inform yours either. You can pray, seek guidance, but in the end, you really don’t know.

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My View On Today’s Worship Music

Worship Leading – good?  Not so good?  Do we want to go back to something else, and if so, how far back? This week my wife tagged me on what has to be one of the most awkward worship videos … Continue reading

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Immigration – Is There A Sane Solution?

Immigration is a hot button issue to be sure. Some believe, (myself among them) that perhaps it’s time to align our immigration policy closer to that which other nations employ.

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Happy Fathers Day!

Division of Labor. I enjoy car trips with my wife. To be candid, she’s good company.  Now, do I wish she would take the wheel once in a while? Of course, I do.  But for the last 30 years, the … Continue reading

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Useful Ramblings

For the past few weeks, I’ve been knee-deep doing my part as a very-functional cog in the machinery of what is billed as the “largest annual training event in the U.S. Army.”  To no one’s surprise, Fort Knox is right where … Continue reading

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Is Jeanine Pirro Right? Does Paul Ryan Have To Go?

Nothing is so fractious as the right side of the political spectrum in victory.  So, what do you think?  Is Jeanine Pirro right?  Does Paul Ryan have to go and step down as Speaker of the House?  

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Equilibrium – Immutable Laws – Part 1

Equilibrium Is Everything. What is Equilibrium?  It’s more than balance, though balance plays it’s part.  Equilibrium is the law.  It’s the universal distribution of Matter and Energy, bound by the fact that neither can be destroyed, only changed in form. … Continue reading

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Mattis Kills It At His Confirmation Hearing!

…the people you meet “over there.” I had the pleasure of meeting briefly with General Mattis in Kabul in 2010.  I was temporarily in charge of NTMA’s Joint Visitor’s Bureau at Camp Eggers.  There was an opening for a deputy … Continue reading

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