Flipping Off Western Civilization

Flipping The Bird To Western Civilization @manningthewall.com

Flipping The Bird To Western Civilization

Not Cool.

This picture raises more questions than it answers.  Are these immigrants or native born Americans?  Tourists?  Members of the same family?

Without further information, all we are left with are presumptions.  But presumptions informed by experience.  This appears to be a family – a father and two daughters.  I feel sorry for the young lady in the middle.  She is clearly going along to get along and she’s too young to appreciate the ramifications.

The young lady in the blue shirt wears a face dipped in bitterness – reasons for which we can only guess.

What saddens me most – even more than the overt racism on display – is the obtuse position taken by all of them, particularly the man in the red hat.  A beneficiary of Western Civilization, he has taken it upon himself to curse the very culture which provides the protection he enjoys.

What is his next move when he finds himself surrounded by a majority population who hates Western Civilization as much at he does?

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3 Responses to Flipping Off Western Civilization

  1. David Penchansky says:

    I think they’re Native Americans. Does that change your evaluation?

  2. DD says:

    No, I think they are from a Latin American country… Which country???? I have no idea. The man looks terribly ANGRY and bitter.. Lets pray for them, collectivly… That is going to CHANGE the world and this man. Thank you for your post… reveling…

  3. DD says:

    I am sorry, I am wrong. I think David Penchansky is RIGHT… they look more like Native Americans, especially the man… His features are more native American than Indians from Latin America.

    Even , more sad!!! Native cultures have not FORGIVEN, what western cultures did to their cultures. I confront that hate, almost every day.

    Now, I pray every day for hate to be CLEANED by God. No, violence and war is not the answer…. Prayer, for our oppressors is the answer.

    Their spiritual hearts [native peoples from ALL over the world], have hate for US. They NEED to forgive, from their heart. With that simple solution, Native Cultures, could FLOWER and THRIVE.

    Let’s PRAY, about everything that upsets us.

    Philippians 4:6-7

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