Leave The Stage Already…

We’re more than two years out from the 2016 election and the fatigue has already set in. The totalitarians have apparently already chosen their champion, if the fawning coverage is any indication.
Hillary-Clinton 01
All that is left is for them to choose the sacrificial lamb to run ostensibly for the other side.
To which I respond: Please, go away.
You’ve already had a magical life. This will continue. You are surrounded by platoons of acolytes who relentlessly pour honey into your ears. Everyone in your circle is there to be defecated on, and you have famously indulged yourself time and time again. This too, will continue.

A lifetime of “public service” from which you have extracted hundreds of millions, that’s right, hundreds of millions, with very little being required of you in return should have been enough. It would have been enough… more than enough… for anyone else.
Why its not enough will remain between you and whatever therapist you no doubt routinely abuse.
So enough, already. Enough with “finally finding your voice,” “the America we’re trying to create,” or whining about being “dead broke.” Enough.

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The trail behind me is littered with failure. The trail before me remains to be seen.
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  1. Excellent write-up. I definitely love this site. Keep writing!

  2. Prescient. Remarkable that you wrote this more than two years ago.

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