Over The Top And Out Of Their Minds.

April, 46 B.C.

Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis, known to history has Cato The Younger, lay awake in the pre-dawn hours.  The legions of Julius Caesar, flushed with victories over the armies of Pompey, Ptolemy XIII, and Metellus Scipi bore down on the African provincial city of Utica.  The civil war which had torn the Roman Republic apart was rapidly drawing to a close.

Schumer & Cato The Younger @manningthewall.com

The contrast could not be more stark.

Unwilling to live in a world in which Caesar was master, Cato attempted to disembowel himself.  His vaunted stoicism failed him in that instant and the escaping groan brought his guards and servants running.  Cato failed to cut into his intestines and the summoned physician was able to stitch him up.  Upon saying goodnight for a second time, the servants took the knife with them.

Steeling his body against all pain, Cato clawed open his sutures, and pulled out his entrails.

The next day, the City of Utica opened its gates to Caesar without further bloodshed.  To his bitter disappointment, the undisputed Master of the Republic found his implacable enemy… beyond the reach of his mercy.1

Chuck Schumer is no Cato, and he never will be.

When one’s highest moral imperative is the attainment and retention of power, then nothing is beyond rationalization.

Differences in opinion become “lies.”  Different interpretations of the same facts become moral failings, and anything that doesn’t conform to your world view is inherently “evil.”

In the Republic of Schumer & Co., the State supplants God as the giver of rights, the over-arching principle is expediency.  To the Leftist, the government apparatus is merely a tool for advancing the Statist agenda.

The landmines left behind by the Obama Administration are unlikely to lead to any indictments – provided the Republicans hold their majority – and few if any further resignations.  But those landmines will continue to create headlines, sending cretins like Schumer, Pelosi, and Waters running breathlessly to the microphones.  Distractions are a weapon which the Left wields with an enviable finesse.

We live in times both interesting and embarrassing.

Bending Without Breaking.

In the mind of the Leftist bent on America’s destruction, defeat at the ballot box is a mere set-back.  In the days of the Roman Republic, and in the early days of our own republic, men backed up their convictions with more than mere words.  Today, a Leftist feels no such obligation.

Death and exile were often the stakes.  In early America, duels loomed for those who would risk slandering their oponents.  Would Chuck Schumer be so quick to impugn, would he behave so smarmy and pompous if such tangible consequences were still a possibility?

In the past eight years, the Democrat party has lost over a thousand legislative seats and governorships.  This past November in case you haven’t heard, they lost the Whitehouse.  Reason would prescribe some degree of soul searching.  Adherents of Marxism slaughtered 110,000,000 souls in the 20th century.  The only upside was that so many of them killed each other.  Any rational mind would reject such a belief system with extreme prejudice.

When put to an honest vote, America unequivocally rejects the Left.  But in the mind of the Leftist, this hold no relevance.  They lose, but without really loosing.  The Left still has a lock on K-12 Education, Higher Eduction, 90% of the News (broadcast and print), and Entertainment.  In other words, they have the children, and they control information.  Except for the Internet, of course, and they have been trying to gain control over that since the 90s.

Random Thoughts

Why Are You Still Speaking To Me?

I voted for Trump and that places me among the most  reprehensible low-lifes in our society.  You’ve said it yourself.  You’ve went so far as to ask how anyone can be a Christian and vote for Trump.  According to you, this vote was a test of character, which I failed.  Not merely a reflection of perceived best-interest, but a metric for which I am forever to be judged, and a sin for which I must repent.

You lost.  Get over it, already.

To assert that Russia “hacked the election” it to abort the language.  As best, hostile actors  initiated an “intrusion” into the Democrat National Committee’s servers.  “Hacking,” is the act of changing data on a server undetected.  The entire premise of “hacking and election” rests on being able to access the hard drives of voting machines and changing the results.  So spare me this silly notion.

No Credit.

The life I’ve built, the efforts I’ve made on behalf of charity, the children I’ve fathered, the wife I’ve cherished, and the merciful God I worship count for nothing in your eyes.  Because when faced with a binary choice, I rejected your moral imperative.

So again, if I am such a horrible person, – why are you still speaking to me?

The Left Looses By Default.

The irony, inevitably lost on the Left is that if they get everything they want, then they will preside over rubble.  Understand this if you understand nothing else – the State, growing unchecked will eventually collapse of its own weight.  Of course, as with everything else, the Left will refuse to acknowledge their role in the destruction of the Republic.

King George III said of George Washington that he would be the greatest man who ever lived if he truly gave up the powers of the presidency.  Donald Trump was not my first choice, but on November 8 of last year, he was the best choice.    If against all odds that wall actually gets built, then he will have turned out to be the best choice from the 19 dwarves that started the field with him in 2015.  A Cato for our time.

  1. Paraphrased from A Noise Of War, A. J. Langguth, 1994.

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  1. Andy Mount says:

    Bravo sir, bravo.

  2. Lawmanjed says:

    Excellent observations. Uad for Trump being the best choice for President, I strongly disagree with you. Far from being one of the “dwarves”, Rand Paul was by far the best choice, “dwarfing” all others, including the Donald!

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