The Real Lessons From Roy Moore & Al Franken.

Moore and Franken – How NOT to win.

You would have thought by now, having been shown how to win, that the Republicans would have gotten on board. The lessons from the Roy Moore and Al Franken kerfuffle are the same lessons that Republicans should have drawn from Watergate 45 years ago. Some Conservatives have, particularly in light of last year’s astonishing victory, but far too many keep to the old loser’s playbook.

If 2017 has taught us anything it’s that the Left does not acknowledge defeat, and the Right can’t accept victory.

I’m not a fan of Jonah Goldberg. Though I will admit that if National Public Radio offered me a paying gig to bash my fellow conservatives (or in my case, libertarians) I would probably grab it with both hands. That being said, Goldberg nailed it firmly to the wall last week here when he wrote, “What a marvelously stupid time to be alive.”

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Politics is a street-fight. The Left knows this. The Left has always known this, while the side that loves America always seems determined to show their decency even as they’re getting curb-stomped. It took a reality TV Star to show the Republican Party how it’s done by the simple expedient of using the Left’s tactics against them.

As of this writing, Roy Moore has chosen to fight his accusers, and the Establishment. The facts in this case are virtually irrelevant. The America-hating Left (redundant, I know), always on the lookout for a scalp, thinks they have a good chance here and have brought their usual weapons to bear.

The Truth As The Almighty Sees It.

I don’t know the truth. The events involving Roy Moore took place forty years ago, and I would assert that everyone’s memory is a little foggy. Irrefutable fact: deploying Gloria Allred is a miscalculation. Though it may make no difference in the end. I’m saying this as a political observer of over 40 years.

The Alabama Republican Party is playing this right(for now). Roy Moore is playing this right.   Kayla Moore, vociferously defending her husband, is clearly playing this right. Mitch McConnell, on the other hand is too embedded in the establishment to do anything other than weep and gnash his teeth at the prospect of another non-establishment type taking up residence on the Senate Floor.

As for Paul Ryan, his “please love me” overtures to the Left continue. If you need an example of someone who adheres to Marquess of Queensberry rules while his opponents feel free to bite, scratch, kick and gouge, look no further. He’s consistent I’ll give him that.

The lessons of Watergate were clearly internalized by the Left. We are not all in this together, and you never bring a knife to a gunfight.

Late last week I tweeted out that this is not the first time Al Franken behaved in such a disgusting manner, only the first time he’s been caught. In context, Franken’s groping of Leanne Tweeden was done while she wearing Kevlar body armor and probably ceramic composite plates. I don’t know if that matters.  The fact that he did it while she was sleeping pinned the sleaze needle into the red. The fact that someone agreed to snap a picture? I’m not sure I’m in a position to judge because taking someone’s picture when they are that vulnerable is a personal pet peeve of mine.

The Jury of Public Opinion.

I don’t know if Franken should be expelled from the Senate. I do know that the default position of the Democrat Establishment is to rally to his side. Remember, not a single voice on the Left asked kid-toucher Joe Biden to back 0ff, at least while in public.  As for Franken, there is an infinitesimal chance he will be asked to leave (it has happened) “for the good of the Party.” Don’t hold your breath.  The Republican Establishment on the other hand, will continue to agitate for Roy Moore to step aside. Again, for the “good of the party.”  Because we need show everyone how good we are.  By losing apparently.

Deferring to the jury of the voters of Alabama to render the verdict does not seem to be an option.  In fact, the Republican leaders in the Senate have already vowed to set aside the decision of the citizens of Alabama should the verdict not go their way. You know, because we have to “stick by our principles.”

Defeating the Left and eradicating their toxic ideas from Western Civilization before they manage to destroy it? (H/T Vox Populi). It doesn’t even appear as a blip on the Establishment’s RADAR.  That’s a principle they willing to ignore.


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3 Responses to The Real Lessons From Roy Moore & Al Franken.

  1. Randall Duncan says:

    My feelings exactly Phil. Establishment Republicans don’t want Roy Moore to win. They are fine with throwing him under the bus while trying to look “Oh so righteous themselves” Hypocrites all!!!!!

  2. I am so disgusted by the behavior of both Democrats and Republicans…. If you notice they are all being caught, the ones who scream the loudest to put the others down all being caught with their pants down !
    Robert De Niro called president Trump the most horrible dirty filthy words and now he’s being scrutinized for running some kind of prostitution ring on some Island somewhere and possibly underage kids are going there. Franken said terrible things about President Trump also but look how it came back to bite him !!!!

  3. Jimmy Pepe says:

    Now that I am back on Facebook, I get to see your Blog again. Makes me happy. I said that I will NOT be political on Facebook anymore. Too much Agita for Jimmy. As usual, you make some good points. My solution to the Roy Moore situation is this – Release Attorney General Jeff Sessions from his position as Attorney General. I am not all that impressed with him anyway. Put him back in his seat as Senator. That means NO election. Let Roy Moore go the way of John Edwards and let’s be done with him. As for Al Franken, me thinks there are probably some more more women wout there who will be complaining about him. If not, Gloria can always grab a box of Kleenex, put on a red suit and find someone who has a Weird Al Franken story from 1991. I think Chris Christie would make a great Attorney General to replace Sessions.

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