The State of Our Dis-Union In the Age of Trump

The absence of grown-ups on the Left side of the political spectrum was on display for all to see last week.  Even Dana Milbank from the Washing Post lamented how President Trump played his political opponents.



Which brings me to my favorite meme from the president’s SOTU:


Few images sum up the impotence of the usually self-congratulatory Left than Nancy Pelosi looking like she was going after a piece of gristle between her dentures.

Trump’s Card.

I’m often asked by acquaintances on the Left “How can you support Trump?”  The particularly self-absorbed will go so far as to scream in incomprehensible rage, “How can you be a Christian and support Trump?”  Wrong question.  Because I don’t.

The question they mean to ask, even if they don’t know it in their systemic lack of self-assessment, is “how can you not share my frothing at the mouth apoplexy at the thought of a Trump presidency?”  I guess tantrums are a thing these days.  For adults.

I’m not particularly enthused by Trump.  I don’t hate him either.  I did see him as the alternative to a truly evil product of the Deep State, and that is what steered my vote, and will likely steer it the same way again in the next election cycle.  I’m also a keen observer of economic metrics to include the Federal Budget.  That will be the over-arching factor over the next four years as to whether or not you can count me in as a “supporter.”

Cameras Everywhere…

Yet They Still Can’t Mask Their Hatred For America.

Some on the Left refused to stand when the President of The United States entered the chamber.  They refused to stand or applaud job growth, higher wages, and a significant drop in Latino and African American unemployment.  Compassion?  Conspicuously absent when they refused to stand for a family who’s children were murdered by MS-13.  Furthermore, they remained seated rather than honor their own colleague, Louisiana Congressman Steve Scales (R) for taking a bullet.  Notable exceptions were three Democrat senators from states that went for Trump.

A rising tide lifts all boats, but if you despise the fleet and it’s admiral, then you would sooner see everyone run aground.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez was apparently triggered by chants of “USA, USA!,” and walked out.  This in spite of him being an elected official of… wait for it… the USA.  As is so often the case, the farce writes itself.

Ah, Yes.  The Memo.

Let’s get this out of the way.  Hillary Clinton is not going to jail.  Because none of the 93  U.S. Attorneys will prosecute her.  Unless the president orders the Attorney General to order a U.S. Attorney to do so.  And I’m not sure he has the power.

Clinton is 70 years old and will not run for office ever again.  She ended her last campaign in disgrace and her petulant behavior over the last year has ensured that history will not be kind to her.  Every moment she refuses to leave the stage makes her look more desperate for attention, more pathetic and more of a parody of herself.  The Clintons leave a legacy of destruction and ruined lives.  Their highest moral imperative?   Their own ambitions.  The ashes of what is left of their foundation, and their irreparable reputations will be their punishment, and the rest of us will have to be satisfied with that.

Bottom line, there was collusion during the 2016 election.  But not in the way the Deep State would have you believe.

The Shiv Felt ‘Round The World.

“Because Americans are Dreamers, too.”  Drop the mic, leave the podium.  Enjoy watching those who viscerally hate liberty seethe and cast about for way to vent their wrath.

Closing Thoughts.

1. Someone has to pull up the gate behind them.

Bill Maher of all people, once famously asked, “If a European country sometime in the future became 51% Muslim, would it be the same country?  Would it have the same values, the same laws?  Would laws change?”

A Townhall commenter who goes by Deplorable left a gem and I felt inspired to flesh it out: 

The issue isn’t that some new arrivals, legal or otherwise, can live peacefully and interact with a minimum of conflict with the native population.  If only.

The issue is that they are raised in segregated enclaves and are relentlessly and thoroughly indoctrinated into the CAIR or LA RAZA hatred of Western Civilization.

We can delude ourselves that they are “natural conservatives,” but the fact is that virtually all of them are raised to believe that the government is their provider.

Thus, no matter how often conservatives and libertarians reach out to them in good faith, they will never desert the marxist ideology that has now dominated the Democrat party for the last 50 years.  Nor will they ever move beyond the mindless indoctrination that asserts that anyone advocating for less government intrusion is inherently racist.

2. This is what real resistance looks like.

Ji Seong-ho, double amputee and North Korean defector raises his old crutches above his head at the State of The Union Address, January 30, 2018.

Ji Seong-ho, double amputee and North Korean defector raises his old crutches above his head at the State of The Union Address, January 30, 2018.


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  1. J.T. says:

    Politically speaking, this country is breaking apart. And I’m not sure that if it came down to dissolving the union, that I would be against it. We used to disagree on how to get to the best situation for our people. Now we disagree on what situation is best for our people. I don’t know how to deal with this political situation. How do you debate, and come to a rational solution with people who refuse to be rational? With people who refuse to recognize corruption, and actually use it, and justify it? My opinion is that if this doesn’t change, this union will have to be dissolved for any of it to survive, and be able to rescue the fallen parts of it.

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