The Unhinged Left Demonstrates Why We Need The Adults In Charge.

This is the over-arching lesson we’ve gleaned over the weeks following the election and leading up to the inauguration. If we have learned nothing else, it’s that we need to put and keep the Adults in charge.Adults Lord of the Flies

Paul famously wrote in 1 Corinthians, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” We are beset on all sides by those who refuse to put away childish things, yet insist on their right to rule over us. The Left loves to wag their fingers at the rest of us when they think they’r winning. But when they loose, they’re ready to burn it all down.

When you forget to cheat…

I have written here, and I stand by the assertion that the Democrat Party has a 3% fraud factor baked into the cake. In close elections, it is common for previously uncounted ballots favoring the Democrat candidate to be “found” in the car trunks of poll workers. At issue with this past election cycle was their over-confidence, projecting a land-slide victory in favor of Hillary Clinton. They didn’t think they needed to deploy the cars this time, and their weeping and gnashing of teeth is ever so telling. The tantrums can be interesting to behold. A little irritating us adults, but interesting. Sitting congressmen have called the president-elect illegitimate. We observed hoards of DNC-funded Huns rampaging through our cities. Then there are numerous elected officials refusing to attend the inauguration, accompanied by several entertainers refusing to perform. Not too long ago, liberal commentators scoffed at the notion of rigged elections, reveled in their assertion that Hillary Clinton was “cleared” by the FBI director – twice! – and warned the “alt-Right not to riot.

Not so fast, children…

Irony, as usual, is lost on them. The Left is collectively screeching about Russian “interference.” Congressional democrats are demanding an investigation of the FBI director by the FBI’s Inspector General. What’s more, protests devolving into riots are somehow justified. The Left’s cognitive dissonance with respect to irony is only what’s lying on the surface. Go down that rabbit hole, and you enter a warren where logic and reason have no place. It’s a world where evil and stupidity strike a harmonious co-existence. It’s temping to assert that everyone who leans Left is either stupid or evil. Dehumanizing those with whom we disagree is easy. It also gets us no where. Since I refuse to live in a bubble, I have acquainted myself with those who lean Left. This is what adults do. Some of the liberals I know are pleasant people. Like the rest of us they want a better life for their children, and often hold down steady employment.

and yet…

Sadly, their perception of those who do not share their politics can strain the tolerance they claim to embrace. I have had more than one Leftist acquaintance tell me they were so happy I wasn’t like “all the rest” on the Right. This of course always prompts the question, “Oh, how many other conservatives or libertarians do you know?” “Just you.” Huh. To call them stupid would be unfair. But there exists a definite disconnect between basic cause and affect. They claim to live in a multi-hued world, yet see so much in terms of black and white.

a metric for adults…

As children, the Leftist ability to reason logically is severely impaired. Testing this hypothesis is easy. Use the immigration issue: “Currently, 7,000,000,000 people reside on the planet. Do all of them have the right to live in the United States?” There’s no good answer that a Leftist can give. “Yes,” means they hate the United States and wish to demographically overwhelm this nation with people who do not share our values of liberty. If the answer is “no,” then ask for a metric. How many? What percentage of the planet? Good luck trying to get a straight answer. As of this writing, the number of democrat legislators saying that they will “boycott” the inauguration (as if anyone would notice if they weren’t announcing it) is approaching 70. I’ve gotten the predictive analysis wrong. I have to freely admit it. This isn’t 1984. This isn’t Animal Farm. Thanks to the deranged Left we’ve landed squarely in the middle of Lord of The Flies. Because that’s the world you get without adults.

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