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The Myth Of Corporate Taxes

This is a companion piece to this week’s episode of “Two Minutes Out Of Your Life.” Wait a sec… There is no such thing as corporate taxes. Oh, there are fees assessed to a corporation’s earnings. There is an “official” … Continue reading

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For the briefest of times we were unified.  We knew who the enemy was.  We had clear vision and purpose.  We understood that evil had a face, an ideology, and the means to harm us. Remember the victims.  Remember the … Continue reading

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Forgiveness and Spiritual Maturity – Part One

I’m taking a step away from my traditional political observations and for the next week or two and I will share express what is on my heart write about something a little more oriented towards the Spirit.  We’ve all seen … Continue reading

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What I Failed To Learn From Junior High

My Mother-in-Law bought me a copy of Greg Guttfield’s “Uncool” for my birthday. For those who haven’t gotten around to it, allow me to recommend it. If you are reading this blog, you will probably find parallels to your own … Continue reading

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