An Appeal to The Better Angels

Man In A Maze-TaxBurden-Manning The Wall BlogI just have one request.  One.  And this goes for everyone at every level of the food chain.  This is for everyone one on the school board, the town counsel, my state assemblyman, my congressman, senator, and everyone in the governor’s office.  Yes everyone, but especially the presidential candidates from our two major political parties, and here it is: ignore me.

Please, just ignore me.

Stop trying to be so “helpful.”  Stop making promises we both know you can’t keep.  There’s no such thing as “free” college tuition.  We all know that “comprehensive” immigration reform means waving everyone in.  “Affordable” health care is rapidly becoming neither one; and campaign finance “reform” is just your way of wiping out the competition.  “Equal” pay means… what, exactly?  Raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour?  Well then, why not $50?  “Investing” in youth?  “Infrastructure?” Again, what?

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “That government is best which governs least.”  So… maybe?

During the last two weeks in July you came at us in our living rooms telling us all that you’re going to do for us.  You may even believe it yourself.  But them you’ve spent the last fifty years promising everything to everyone and you’ve borrowed $20 trillion dollars in order to buy votes and keep yourselves in power.

You already take more than half my earnings.  No, don’t tell me my tax bracket.  I can do simple addition, and income tax only tells part of the story.  You’ve taxed my home to the point where it’s unsellable.  When I spent money to pave my driveway, I gave someone a job, and my neighbors thanked me for improving the look of the neighborhood.  You rewarded me by raising my property taxes.  Every time I purchase a can of paint, or a stick of lumber, or visit the bookstore you’re there.  Every time I renew my vehicle registration, or stop on the way to work to buy a soda, you’re there.  Every time I fill up my car, you are there, somehow managing to make more off of every gallon than the “greedy” companies that pumped the crude from beneath the ocean floor. Wherever I go, you are there, taking your cut.

I get it.  Roads and bridges need to be maintained.  Trash needs to be removed.  Socialized education costs money, and there’s an entire criminal justice system which is needed to maintain order. I’ll allow that politics dives so much of this that getting a handle on it makes cleaning out the Augean Stables look like foaming the shower.

But I’ve seen what you take in, and I’ve seen your payroll.  You’re not exactly starving.  So, the next time I expand the potting shed, add a deck, or another section to the kitchen garden, maybe you can reflect on my contribution to the economy.

And then ignore me.


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One Response to An Appeal to The Better Angels

  1. Randall Duncan says:

    Well said my brother. I’ve been saying for years “Why can’t they just get out of our way and leave us alone” Things would be so much better.

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