The Face of Rebellious Conformity

Rebellious Conformity:  yes, I thought that one up myself.   The paradox nests rather nicely with respect to current events.

Members of the most pampered, protected demographic in the history of the world gathered in Washington, D.C. last weekend to complain about… something.

With no husbands at home to tell them “no,” without any thought to embarrassing themselves or their children, women braved the arduous journey by covered jet aircraft.  Setting out with little more than their carry-ons, their ex’s credit cards, and the iron resilience acquired from the mean streets of New Rochelle, Mendham, Hunts Point, Greenwich, or Noe Valley, they made their voices heard.

Madonna rebellious

This is how it looks after over 50 years of never hearing the word “no.”

 …the rebellious cast about desperately for… wait, what?

What are we protesting again?  Free elections?  Ah, the vague notion that our new president is evil.  Or something.

Let’s be candid – the new president can be a bit acerbic, but you’re insane.  Convince those who think rationally otherwise.  Explain how demanding already existing rights is rational in any universe.

…virtue signaling as a default position…

“I want to thank you so much for your courage.” – Alicia Keyes.  The epic level of face-palm from this fit of self-congratulation defies description.  In a society which hails one as a hero for using oxygen, where freedom of assembly boasts a 230-year tradition, where you pay no penalty, this takes zero courage.

If you want to demonstrate courage, agitate for human rights where such rights are actually limited.  Woman who get behind the wheel and go for a drive in Riyadh, risk a public flogging. That is being rebellious without conforming.  Oh, and that takes courage.  Certainly more than I possess.  Which means it is definitely more than the Left possesses.

…a decided lack of proportion…

As of this writing the left continues to amp up the insanity.  Seemingly determined to validate the electoral college over the popular vote, fascist mobs are occupying airports and attacking people for exercising their right to vote.  The president fired the acting attorney general (not ordered her arrest) for disobeying the orders.  Then, there’s the Senate Minority Leader’s weird and breathless microphone fetish.

Then there are the ridiculous comparisons to National Socialism (NAZI), a favorite absurdity of the Left.  I would submit that if the worst of what is said about the president were true, then many of those advocating for sedition would have been dealt with in no uncertain terms.  Fortunately, we all live under a blanket of protection courtesy of those  manning the wall, as well as the enshrined principles of our liberal democratic republic.

when resistance meets… nothing…

The Left loves to romanticize itself.  The framing of the pointless opposition to the new administration as “resistance” opens itself to mockery.  It takes no bravery to riot when tear gas, much less nerve agents are off the table.

For “resistance” to be taken seriously, you need something to resist.  Any movement, whether local or global needs to be defined by something other than it’s lack of depth.  One  also needs to have just a little more resilience.  Collapsing after being grazed by a balloon just doesn’t speak well of anyone.

Selah, baby.


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