Gray Matter Shavings – Random Thoughts From The Week Of 10/23/17.

A Pinch of Gray Matter.  Thoughts that just won’t stop.

I need to get a better hobby.

Gray Matter Shavings | manningthewall.comA communist will tell you that communism has never worked because the right people never tried it.  I guess the right people have always tried capitalism.

True Racism is never punished. Pretend Racism? There is no end to it.  Ask any easily offended liberal.  (Yeah, redundant).

Actually, Racism is one of those words that have had all meaning slurred out of it.

If the Left truly wanted to combat Sexism, they would throw themselves at the mercy of the dreaded “Patriarchy.”

If Bill Nye and Neil de Grasse Tyson were interested in promoting “Science!” there would be no need for either of them to embrace Fascism.

The recovery efforts in Puerto Rico must be proceeding. I’ve barely heard a peep from NPR over the weekend.  The one negative story concerned a school that didn’t have it’s electricity.  The spokeswoman went on and on about how eager the children were to get back to school.  No, the children are not eager to get back to school.  The children are enjoying their vacation from you.

Here There Be Dragons.

Sadly, the world I don’t live in.

Here There Be Dragons |

In the event that I did not come back from one of my deployments I could only hope that my wife would have said ‘he signed up for this.’ Among other things, of course.

Speaking of this, what grieving parent alerts their congresswoman that the President of The United States is calling them?

The election is over. Can we tell the children to grow up, already?

More Gray Matter Shavings.

Life is layers of complexity. Nothing is pure. We kind of threw that all away in the Garden. People vote for someone because after weighing logic verses emotions verses their own self-interest, that someone is a net-positive, warts and all. Or the other person is a net-negative. Or both are a net-negative and one or the other is worse. Often much, much worse.

If you’re going to pretend that you have the moral high ground because of your opinions, expect to be spammed here. Yeah, that might provoke a little self-examination on my part.

Taking your money.  Making themselves feel better about themselves.  The Left in a nutshell.  This explain a lot.

Does anyone else think that the ‘Anti-Fa’ movement doesn’t understand the irony of their own name? Seriously, do these people ever use their gray matter?

We used to charitably call this Mental Illness. Now it’s celebrated as “Diversity.” Shame on us.


The biggest downside to California seceding is that we’re going to have to ad another thousand miles to the wall.

There is no such thing as the U.S. Department of Pencils. That’s why you can purchase one for pennies.

I’m all for equality just as soon as someone can convince me what that is.

There are over 4,000 federal crimes on the books. You will violate enough of them to be put away for the rest of your life this morning.

I wonder if my denomination would ever break with the state with respect to marriage.  This Church’s biggest mistake is allowing the State to have a say.

The World We Live In.

It’s official.  Democrats colluded with the Russians.  The Russian government.  Or, as they love to say on CNN and MSNBC (aka Fake News), people with ties to the Russian government.  This was sort of like the shoplifter going back to the store and accusing someone else of stealing.  Oops, someone forgot about the security cameras.

Youtube now poses the greatest threats to public education.  At some point parents are going to wonder why they are paying up to 20% of their household income in school and property taxes when their kids can learn for the price of an internet hook-up.  Higher education is already taking a hit.



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