A Different Kind of Reformation

Islam requires reformation. This needs to be said, therefore let’s stop dancing around the issue. To my knowledge Hindus, Taoists, and Buddhists generally don’t strap on bombs, and they don’t  seek out soft targets in the Western World. One could make a valid case that the humanistic cults of the 20th century far out-striped even the best efforts of the Islam in wrecking carnage on the world.

This even allows for the Islamic rampage across the North Africa during the 7th century.  Islam needs to undergo a reformation of its own.

The West Should Demand Islamic Requires Reformation - manningthewall.com

One Method Of Evangelism

A Different Kind Of Threat.

It’s entirely possible that Marxism or National Socialism may cycle back up in the decades to come. At present however, no armies march under the Swastika and the only mechanized infantry brigades flying the Hammer and Sickle can barely feed themselves.  North Korea and Cuba are basket cases.  China, while and economic power house, is not Russian.  Ground mobilization outside its borders on a large scale is a non-starter.  Islam is the here and now.

There is a path Islam can take which would reconcile itself to secular government.  About 500 years ago, a consensus was reached within Christianity that gradually gave birth to concepts that would form the foundation and framework of liberal democracy and a live-and-let-live paradigm.

Best Defense.

Western Civilization is not perfect, (which I HATE saying. You never hear the enemies of the West admit to not being perfect) but it’s good enough that there is a serious discussion taking place over building walls and re-thinking immigration reform in countries like the United States and France. This conversation takes place if for no other reason than because it’s reasonable. Every large organism needs a chance to absorb and assimilate smaller organisms into its system.

The West is good. If it were not, we would not be talking about building a wall in an effort to stem migration which threatens it.

The answer is clearly not opening up the flood gates which would only serve to import the very third world problems from which the new arrivals are ostensibly fleeing.  One need only look across the Atlantic to see how that is working.

Given their betrayal by their “leadership,” it’s easy to puzzle out why the citizens of France and Germany, are beside themselves.

So, what should the Western World insist on from the Islamic world?  Well, plenty but here are some steps in the right direction:

Get over your hatred of Jews in general, and Israel in particular.

It doesn’t work, and you have misread the correlation: The Israelis don’t cause you problems because of their “aggression.” Your cause your own problems when you waste your resources fighting them. There is no such thing as the “West Bank.” There is Judea and Samaria, historical of Israel proper. The “Palestinians” are not a nation. They never were. At best they are an ethnic minority but in reality a fabrication of the Post-war era. Their only use is to serve as a cudgel by the cleptocratic states of the Middle East. They are ruled by gangsters and provide a pretense for one U.N. resolution after another condemning Israel’s “occupation.”

Reformation Through Maturity.  Grow up. Seriously.

Stop being offended by… everything. This would also serve as a useful admonishment to the Deranged Left in our nation. I write this knowing it may be asking a lot since Islam is 500 years younger than Christianity.

We’ll use the Church’s journey as an example.  The Church has a lot of parallels to the journey taken by humanity at large: Through countless generations, everyone alive today has earned the right to be here. Every day something tries to kill you. Tries really hard, but fails. And, 99% of the time you don’t even notice. Your body is stronger than the overwhelming majority of wretched little viruses and bacterium on this planet. The result of a process spanning untold generations.

Throughout history, those who lived long enough to breed did so and passed down those strengths. Here in the post-industrialized world, we’ve come to a point where we often don’t experience organ failure until our eighth decade of life. Even after decades of smoking and consuming enough sugar to fuel a battleship. To quote H.G. Wells: “By the toll of a billion deaths man has bought his birthright of the earth, and it is his against all comers;”

Reformation Is A Process

It is this generational process through which the Church weeded out its ugliest traits. The reformation never stopped as the Church is continually self-assessing.  The Church’s journey has a number of benchmarks and procedural changes. An empty tomb, meeting in each other’s homes, moving into abandoned temples, and then building cathedrals and chapels. Greed, corruption, and a major split followed by a splintering congruent with various interests.  It is no coincidence that the Church’s reformation process paralleled Western Civilization’s Renaissance.

Islamic Reformation; Vitruvian Man, DaVinci manningthewall.com

Vitruvian Man, DaVinci

The Church’s influence waxes and wanes depending on countless variables. Today the Church is generally at peace (too much at peace some would say) within the currents of the time. You cannot say the same for Islam.

I have met Muslims who were willing to preface the conversation with honest self-assessment.  I had the privilege of working with many westernized interpreters while serving the Coalition Forces. Apart from them, there was an officer in the Afghan National Army, with whom I worked during my second tour. As our relationship progressed and as trust built-up between us, he would take me into his confidence. In unguarded moments he would just shake his head and say, “Fighting over how we worship God is stupid. Who cares? I don’t care if you are a Jew, Christian or Muslim.  We get nowhere with hatred.” This was through my interpreter, so the actual thought process was a little more sophisticated. He sometimes expressed his exasperation with Islam and its institutionalized prejudices.

And no, I won’t give out his name.

Stop Giving Shelter To The Enemies of The West.

Presume that a mere 5% of a given demographic are radicalized.  This is more than enough to affect the policies and procedures for the rest of the population.  If pluralities actively feed, clothe, or otherwise facilitate the actions of that 5%, then the problem grows exponentially. When the rest simply look the other way, the problem goes deep into the social infrastructure. But what if the problem isn’t with 5% of the demographic, but 15%? What it it’s 20%?

Consider the following example: During the 80’s and 90’s attacks on abortion clinics made headlines before tapering off to statistical insignificance. The reason is simple. Evangelical Christians have consistently and emphatically refused shelter to the extreme fringe. The irony was not lost on those who would commit acts of terror in the name of the Christian God.

As long as the radical fringe can blend in among the larger community, gaining shelter, employment, and other means of support, they can exist in some form in perpetuity.  As long as the Western World tolerates this, Islam never see the need for a reformation.


Islam remains incompatible with liberal democracy as presently constituted.  Changes will not be imposed by from the outside. Only its adherents can effect the necessary changes from within.

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3 Responses to A Different Kind of Reformation

  1. janice carroll says:

    You have leaders of fractured sects or zealots that refuse to acknowledge anything else but their way, therefore making it practically impossible to make any kind of adjustments or toleration of being with any other religion or nationality. As for giving shelter to our enemies, How can we decide or tell who is who ? It could be the woman who with a veil on ? , a college student who is in NYU or a Lab tech at the hospital ?. Governments have eased on the entries into countries under the guise of “refugees” And we are stuck in the middle.

  2. Jimmy Pepe says:

    I like the post and do agree with your conclusion. I think that the problem may be that liberal democracy remains compatible with Islam or any NEW group of people that lives life on the fringe. Liberal democracy wants to change the country into a World view rather than a Western view. Liberal democracy would rather hug trees, save whales and sing Kumbaya than remember the Constitution and the Laws that this country was founded on. The singer/poet Jim Morison once wrote “the West is the Best” and somehow liberal democracy could not follow even his warning (and he was on their side). We as a nation, are becoming more and more influenced by people that want to come here and change us rather than be like us and, some of us are happy about it because it gets votes and maintains power for the left.

  3. Martin Franklin says:

    I agree with you on almost everything you discus. I certainly intend to read more!

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