What I Didn’t Hear

manningthewall.comNeither of you said you would leave me alone.  Why is that so hard?

We’re already handing over 60% of our labor to support the leviathan of government on the Federal, State, and Local level.  Apparently that’s not enough.

One of you is gave service to “tax cuts,” but I’m tempted to tell you to keep the extra $10 because apparently you need it more than I do.

The other “has a plan” to send everyone to college for free.  This of course ignores the fact that so much of what I find useful – carpentry, the laying and maintaining of power lines, spreading asphalt, plumbing, digging drainage ditches – makes college superfluous.

Eric Sevareid, one of the greatest intellects of the 2oth century, and a man whose name you probably and tragically don’t know, once said, “Any job can be learned in seven months.”  Any job.  A truism so devastating to the current paradigm that its been wiped from Google.

So what’s the difference between a Big Government Liberal and a Big Government Conservative?  Yeah, me neither.

So what did you learn last night?  I’m interested.

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11 Responses to What I Didn’t Hear

  1. Peter says:

    Nothing has changed. We are still faced with the choice if the lesser of two evils.

  2. Fran Zuccarelli says:

    If you were for Clinton before the debate, you still are. If you were for Trump before the debate, you still are. If your undecided….you’re more confused.

  3. Jimmy Pepe says:

    I learned that Trump is no great orator and he should be smart enough to not mention Rosie O’Donnell. I learned that Clinton is really trying to make it with too much help from her wit (and she was witty) and her smile and laugh. I learned that the TV anchor/mediator had no clue as to REAL issues and was NOT fair and/or balanced. Well maybe I already knew that. I also learned that “Dancing with the Stars” can actually be a one hour program instead of the normal two hour joke. Thanks Pal.

  4. Janice Caputo carroll says:

    I learned that her husband was a great president and did so much for this country. I also learned that who you will vote for before this debate will still be who you vote for

  5. Jon Turner says:

    I didn’t learn a darn thing. I didn’t watch it. I have no need to. I’m voting for Trump to block Hitlery from appointing any supreme court justices. Donald Trump will be gone in 4-8 years. So would Hitlery Clinton. But their supreme court justices will make decisions for us (or against, as the case may be), for the next 30 years. Given the liberal philosophy of making decisions based on the cure at large, I cannot vote for a democrat any longer. If justices make rulings based on the culture, rather than the Constitution, no generation could ever be sure of what rights it actually has. There is no justice when our rights are hanging on the whims of 5 lawyers.

  6. RGL says:

    I watched the full debate and have read several comments on the internet and the only thing that I am getting from either side is name calling. We all have choices which is why we vote and you may agree with your party and against the other. I don’t care that Trump called a person miss piggy 30 years ago or where he decided to party in the 70’s. I think the real issue is why are people backing Trump? I believe that it is because he was the only one running that is outside the career politicians. If there were someone else that would have done the same I am sure they may have beat him out. But, there wasn’t anyone else so people voted. I think instead of name calling we need to look at the actual benefits each bring to the table. What do people want for the next 4 to 8 years? I don’t find my self as someone that is democrat or republican I just vote for whoever I think is best to run the country. I did vote for Obama and Biden. You may ask why? Well, I believe we have had enough Clinton and Bush politics. I believe McCain would have been good but the second choice in Palin was awful. So, I look at what I am faced with in this election and I didn’t vote for Clinton before and I will not vote for her now. I just don’t understand how so many issues following Clinton and she is still out there acting as if she is going to win and believe she has fooled American voters. I am concerned about how many people end up dead in their circle and no one seems to care, how she can say that she doesn’t know what the letter “C” means on classified documents when she has had to be briefed to be in that type of position. How she can compromise all American security and foreign security with unsecured email servers and then remove or at least try to remove all evidence of What? She said it was for personal use only so what is she hiding. This freaks me out as just an ordinary citizen. I look at Trump and I cannot see that he ever jeopardized American and Foreign security. I haven’t seen a list of dead people that have been associated with Trump. I am concerned that it is okay to bring in non vetted people. I hear Trumps hard stance on that and I believe something needs to be done and I believe with his team that they will come up with something that works. I hear Clinton saying that we need to unite depressed community leaders and police to come together to fix the black on black crimes, and that they should have a 2nd chance as a way to keep young black people out of the criminal justice system for petty crimes. This is not an issue with race it is an issue with the court system. All races face the same petty fines and if you don’t pay them because you don’t have the money you go to jail. How do you police black depressed communities? I don’t know the answer and not sure anybody really does but you have to start somewhere. The answer to police shooting blacks is that they need to be educated in mental health and negotiation. How do we educate black, white, Hispanic, etc on what not to do when you get pulled over by police. I understand that not all police are good but most are an want not only to do the right thing but they also want to go home at night also. I believe that Obama is the reason or BLM because when the Michael Brown shooting happen he as POTUS did not show and unbiased opinion. He immediately turned on the police officer that shot Michael Brown. I live not far from where all this happen and it was total chaos. This was a trickle down to what is happening now. I see some honesty with Trump has to say about trying to tackle the problem areas and fix the issue with illegal guns on the streets. I don’t think the 2nd amendment so be compromised because law abiding citizens are not the one’s on the street with guns. There have been more people getting conceal carry to protect themselves from danger not because they want to go out and just shoot people. If something doesn’t happen to get this into control we will no longer have police because why would you want that job? I sure wouldn’t. Everything you say, everything you do, every move you make is video and audio. I get the transparency, but it just seems like if they encounter a person that is suspicious, not listening to what they are telling them they should just walk away. The people that this is happening to generally have some type of background. They have been in trouble many times before, have a disdain for police and if they do get killed then their families can sue. There is also the subject of taxes, jobs, businesses moving out of the country because of bad trade deals. There is also, tons of money going to Iran for whatever Obama wants to call it but it is what it is and that is the release of hostages. I do not see any history of Trump having been asleep at the helm that caused people in an Embassy in a foreign country killed. This is very upsetting to me as an American citizen with family that are in the military. I think the most disturbing to me was the comment she made “What difference does it make” that just makes me sick. The last thing is who would be the President if something happen to Trump? Mike Pence who I think would be great at the job. Who would be the President if something happen to Hillary? Tim Kaine, I don’t think that would be a good choice at all. So, maybe talking about the actual politics that you want in place instead of mud throwing would be more helpful for people that are undecided to make a more informative choice.

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