Who is this guy?

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Where do I begin?
I am a follower of Christ, human, deeply flawed, and saved by His Grace.
I am a husband of 25+ years and get to share my life with an amazing woman.
I have two children both of whom have grown up way too fast.
I hold the rank of lieutenant colonel in the United States Army Reserve with 3 tours under my belt – one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, and I serve on the board of my local church. At the end of each day I come home and help my wife with our blogging business Walking on Sunshine Creative Services.  
I have a sister who is an absolute rock.
I have a brother and three brothers-in-law, all of whom I admire and around whom I feel completely inadequate.
Life has held some harsh lessons, many of which I learned during the recession of the early 90’s when I held it together with four part-time jobs.
I have worked for the most angelic as well as the most disgusting people you can imagine, all of whom were my teachers.
One of my biggest lessons so far: The journey is the point.

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  1. Bill Behr says:

    Very nice site and useful information. Too bad most folks are just sheep being led to slaughter or too busy with their devices to notice the downward spiral of our Nation. Very sad indeed.
    Keep on rocking Colonel.

  2. Thank you for the lovely post election synopsis of WHY President-elect Donald Trump won. I really think that the Democratic party and the media don’t understand that half the nation lost their jobs, their savings and their homes during Obama’s time in office ~ including my family. Why would we seriously want another 8 years of hell on Earth and wouldn’t want a complete change of office?? I think the people have spoken. Oh, and the Republicans wouldn’t have been whining if Ms. Clinton had won; we were a bit terrified, though. They would have graciously and politely just hunkered down for more of the same, if not worse.

    Personally, my family held on as long as we could, but my husband is literally just back into his real work after 2 years off. He had three part-time positions and we have been living at campgrounds for almost 1 1/2 years now. Love the camping life but it’s hard to decorate and write a blog when there is dust everywhere! 😉

    I’ll be back to read more… Thank you for your service!
    p.s. My hubby is a former US Marine. Lots of family were service members.

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