The Unhinged Left Demonstrates Why We Need The Adults In Charge.

This is the over-arching lesson we’ve gleaned over the weeks following the election and leading up to the inauguration. If we have learned nothing else, it’s that we need to put and keep the Adults in charge.Adults Lord of the Flies

Paul famously wrote in 1 Corinthians, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” We are beset on all sides by those who refuse to put away childish things, yet insist on their right to rule over us. The Left loves to wag their fingers at the rest of us when they think they’r winning. But when they loose, they’re ready to burn it all down.

When you forget to cheat…

I have written here, and I stand by the assertion that the Democrat Party has a 3% fraud factor baked into the cake. In close elections, it is common for previously uncounted ballots favoring the Democrat candidate to be “found” in the car trunks of poll workers. At issue with this past election cycle was their over-confidence, projecting a land-slide victory in favor of Hillary Clinton. They didn’t think they needed to deploy the cars this time, and their weeping and gnashing of teeth is ever so telling. The tantrums can be interesting to behold. A little irritating us adults, but interesting. Sitting congressmen have called the president-elect illegitimate. We observed hoards of DNC-funded Huns rampaging through our cities. Then there are numerous elected officials refusing to attend the inauguration, accompanied by several entertainers refusing to perform. Not too long ago, liberal commentators scoffed at the notion of rigged elections, reveled in their assertion that Hillary Clinton was “cleared” by the FBI director – twice! – and warned the “alt-Right not to riot.

Not so fast, children…

Irony, as usual, is lost on them. The Left is collectively screeching about Russian “interference.” Congressional democrats are demanding an investigation of the FBI director by the FBI’s Inspector General. What’s more, protests devolving into riots are somehow justified. The Left’s cognitive dissonance with respect to irony is only what’s lying on the surface. Go down that rabbit hole, and you enter a warren where logic and reason have no place. It’s a world where evil and stupidity strike a harmonious co-existence. It’s temping to assert that everyone who leans Left is either stupid or evil. Dehumanizing those with whom we disagree is easy. It also gets us no where. Since I refuse to live in a bubble, I have acquainted myself with those who lean Left. This is what adults do. Some of the liberals I know are pleasant people. Like the rest of us they want a better life for their children, and often hold down steady employment.

and yet…

Sadly, their perception of those who do not share their politics can strain the tolerance they claim to embrace. I have had more than one Leftist acquaintance tell me they were so happy I wasn’t like “all the rest” on the Right. This of course always prompts the question, “Oh, how many other conservatives or libertarians do you know?” “Just you.” Huh. To call them stupid would be unfair. But there exists a definite disconnect between basic cause and affect. They claim to live in a multi-hued world, yet see so much in terms of black and white.

a metric for adults…

As children, the Leftist ability to reason logically is severely impaired. Testing this hypothesis is easy. Use the immigration issue: “Currently, 7,000,000,000 people reside on the planet. Do all of them have the right to live in the United States?” There’s no good answer that a Leftist can give. “Yes,” means they hate the United States and wish to demographically overwhelm this nation with people who do not share our values of liberty. If the answer is “no,” then ask for a metric. How many? What percentage of the planet? Good luck trying to get a straight answer. As of this writing, the number of democrat legislators saying that they will “boycott” the inauguration (as if anyone would notice if they weren’t announcing it) is approaching 70. I’ve gotten the predictive analysis wrong. I have to freely admit it. This isn’t 1984. This isn’t Animal Farm. Thanks to the deranged Left we’ve landed squarely in the middle of Lord of The Flies. Because that’s the world you get without adults.

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Mattis Kills It At His Confirmation Hearing!

…the people you meet “over there.”

I had the pleasure of meeting briefly with General Mattis in Kabul in 2010.  I was temporarily in charge of NTMA’s Joint Visitor’s Bureau at Camp Eggers.  There was an opening for a deputy commander in the Regional Support Command North and I was waiting for my replacement.  General Mattis came in for a VIP visit.  I was of course familiar with who he was.  I was also interested in a member of his entourage.  Author Steven Pressfield filled the roll of civilian advisor to General Mattis.  And yes, I got Pressfield to sign the book I had read on the plane ride over.

General Mattis

General Mattis Testifies Before The Senate Armed Services Committee.

Mattis impressed me again today with his plain-spoken testimony, taking complex systems and breaking them down in a way that even I can understand.

Mattis is a master of language and social cues.  This is of course true of most people at that level.  He does manage to make you feel like you are the only one in the room.  In our brief meeting, he asked for a brief auto-biography, civilian occupation, and my thoughts of our mission.  I was guarded, of course.  I was not about to be put completely at ease in the presence of a four-star general.  Never-the-less, he is quite disarming, I have to give him that.

Steven Pressfield and Phil Christensen Camp Eggers, 2010

Steven Pressfield, best-selling author of The Legend of Bagger Vance, and The Afghan Campaign, stands with LTC Phil Christensen, Camp Eggers, Kabul, 2010.

Two weeks later, I was on a plane heading to Mazer i-Sharif to take up my new assignment.  Good times, good times…

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The Reason You Lost – An Open Letter To The Left

You hate us.  You on the Left, really, really, hate us.  And you don’t even try to mask it.  I no longer puzzle over it.  I merely accept it.  You take your racism, your hate, and your immense self-regard, and you project it onto me.

Meryl Streep Golden Globes 2017

Meryl Streep                                                                              Golden Globes 2017

It comes so naturally to you, as naturally as breathing.  You no more notice it than you take note of the line workers from the back seat of your Bentley as they string cable in the dead of winter.

…surely it’s not our message…

Of course, it’s not your message.  It’s not your elitism, your relentless condescension, or the failure to internalize simple cause and effect.  You can’t be wrong.  I’ve accepted this aspect of your character as well, because if the pitiless slaughter of 110,000,000 souls in the 20th century could not convince you that you’re wrong, then what chance do I have?

You say that using one’s public platform negatively “kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing.”  I’ll take you at your word.  The animals who kidnapped that poor mentally disabled young man in Chicago and gleefully tortured him for two days certainly felt they had permission.  Of course, the permission came from your side of the political aisle, not mine.  And you were deafeningly silent when you had a chance to publicly condemn it.

Not everyone can afford $800 tickets to La Boheme.  Can I keep some of what I earn?

Your snide dismissal of what we may choose for entertainment was not lost on us.

Further, you, the Left, condemn me for wanting to benefit from my own labor.  Because I object to paying for the extortionate policies from which you are insulated.

Suddenly, you want the “principled press” to hold the powerful accountable.  Where were you during the last 8 years is anyone’s guess.

So please spare us your ridiculous condescension, and your incredulity.  You’re not bent out of shape for any reasons of principle or morality.  The Left has always been more pragmatic that, just incredibly short sighted on sustaining a society.

Why don’t you worship me?

You just can’t get over that no one’s sitting at your feet for you lectures.  Finally someone’s taking it you, and you’re just going to have to get used to it. For decades you were able to pontificate from your bubble, surrounded by sycophants.  You could go years without hearing a contrary opinion.

This is why you hate Twitter so much.  Because it by-passes you, and your filter.  For years,  you acted as referee and partisan.  While the other side restricted itself to The Marquess of Queensberry rules,  you engaged in street-fighting.  Not so much anymore.  And you don’t like it.

What’s next?  You still have a lock on 90% of the culture.  Television, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, Print and Broadcast News, K-12, plus Higher Ed.  All held firmly in your grip.  It doesn’t matter who is in the White House, who holds the House and the Senate.

The incoming president can appoint half a dozen originalists to the Supreme Court, yet for the time being, you retain the culture.  And we both know it will take decades to make significant headway.  The endgame is anyone’s guess.

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Why You’re Not Working From Home.

Everyone’s going to be out of a job, and it’s going to be great.

Ok, no one’s really going to be out of a job, but a lot of people are going to be changing jobs in the decades to come and we really need not to panic.  Working for a living is a state of perpetual change.  How we react to that change is the over-arching factor. Continue reading

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The Colonel’s Music List – Year-End Edition 2016

A few selections from the shelves.

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Mozart – 1756 -1791.

I’ve lost lost tract of just how many of Mozart’s works I have on my possession.  Between CD’s (I still purchase them once in a while) and MP3s, it has to number over 100.  I have all his symphonies.  Numbers 26 and 35 are among my favorites.  The Marriage of Figaro (of course), and any number of concertos for any number of instruments.  This past year saw something of a revival for Mozart.  Decca label’s “Complete Works” box set turned out to be 2016’s best seller according to Billboard, if one counts the individual CDs.

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Why We’re Not In Space Yet.

“Because I don’t want to go to Space.” That’s how my wife answered the question. Of course getting her on a plane would prove a challenge, so there you go.

I cut my teeth on Star Trek – an optimistic view of the future where the military undergoes a conversion to a diplomatic corps.  Sort of like how we’ve stalled on the Global War on Terror. (Getting rid of the term ‘Overseas Contingency Operations’ would be a good start if we want to regain our momentum). Continue reading

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The Tree. A Short Tale of Winter Solstice.

The Tree.

Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg, George III’s consort is generally credited with ordering the first Christmas Tree in England, making it enormously popular with the aristocracy of the time.

Prince Albert Christmas Tree

Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s consort, was not the first royal to bring Christmas trees to England, but he did bring them into fashion for the middle and lower classes.  America, populated by anglophiles quickly followed suit.

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We Keep Watching The Same Medical Drama

The Medical Drama you’re watching today is the same one your parents watched.  They same one.  This isn’t to say that some aren’t interesting, or that they don’t have decent character development. If you’re a fan, I get it. But you’re watching the same show, and often enough, the same episode. Continue reading

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How The Federal Government Jacked With Your Retirement

Retirement – sounds so final, doesn’t it?  You’re not getting there.  Not the way you think. Or not the way you thought.  Remember the days of company financed pensions?  Yeah, neither do I.

How The Federal Government Jacks With Your Retirement -

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A Simple Soldier, & The Battle of Remagen

March, 1945.

A war-ravaged continent, a bridge called Ludendorff, and a town called Remagen.

Die-hard patches of snow littered the ground here and there.

Months before, the German Wehrmacht launched a daring winter offensive, nearly negating the hard-fought Allied gains from the summer and fall.

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