Fall Foliage and A Pleasant Ride Home

Fall Foliage – It’s Coming.

The best time to see the fall foliage in Pennsylvania will in 2 -3 weeks.  But it’s starting.  The colors of Summer are still with us, but you can see a hint.

Then this came on the radio:

Giuseppe Torelli – Concerto in A Major for Guitar & Violin.

Western Civilization: There Is No Substitute.

It has given the world Calculus, Relativity, Thermo Dynamics, Radio Astronomy, Indoor Plumbing, The Combustion Engine, Air Travel, that ridiculously useful Smart Phone, and oh, Giuseppe Torelli.  I know nothing of Torelli other than he composed some magnificent works and that you can find him on Youtube.  That, and centuries after his death, he gave me a pleasant ride home this afternoon.

The crisp snap of Autumn isn’t here yet.  But I’ve learned to enjoy the season I’m in.  The garden continues to produce and will probably do so for another two weeks.

Meanwhile, a glimpse of things to come.

Leaf Mid-September Pennsylvania | manningthewall.com

Maple Leaf, Mid-September Pennsylvania

Fall in the Lehigh Valley is something everyone should experience.  If you can’t get out here this year, put it on your bucket list.



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My View On Today’s Worship Music

Worship Leading – good?  Not so good?  Do we want to go back to something else, and if so, how far back?

This week my wife tagged me on what has to be one of the most awkward worship videos ever. My response? This has to be the best argument in favor of putting every worship team in gray cowl robes and having them chant in Latin.


Seriously, would that be so awful?  Yeah, I know. This is the 21st century, and Latin is a dead language.

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Kitchen Garden Journal 9/2/17

Late Summer Kitchen Garden

It’s September.  This morning there was a coolness in the air presaging a pleasant Fall.    I can wait for the crisp snap of the Autumn morning.  I’ve come to learn the importance of enjoying the season I’m in.  The green remains, though one or two trees are shedding the occasional leaf.  Then there’s the kitchen garden.

Pickled Cucumbers From The Kitchen Garden | manningthewall.com

The garden remains productive.  The zucchini has been a pleasant surprise and the tomatoes have ripened on the vine.  The marinara sauce should last into Thanksgiving.

This weekend’s project? Pickling the cucumbers.  It’s an experiment.  We only planted one vine, so we’ll see.

Vinegar, some pepper corns, salt, sugar, garlic and a little dill weed.  Check back next week and I’ll let you know.  How it turns out.

In the meantime, here is today’s harvest.

Morning Harvest From The Kitchen Garden 9-2-17 | manningthewall.com




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Here’s My Take On The Confederate Monument Controversy

Monuments And Those Who Are Triggered

This may surprise some of the people who know me. With respect to monuments, I don’t have a dog in the fight.

So here is my take on the confederate monument controversy.  The existence and maintenance of monuments requires that enough people are willing to devote adequate resources. Those resources are, as they have always been, Time, and Labor. Those familiar with economics Continue reading

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The Colonel In His Garden

I venture out into the early morning stillness.  The fog lifts with the rising sun.  I pick my way carefully over the lawn, it’s blades still wet.    I am here to prune, to pick, to breathe. The Victorians called it “taking the air,” I think.  It’s August, and the kitchen garden has changed over from Spring to late Summer.Kitchen Garden Gate | manningthewall.com

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Immigration – Is There A Sane Solution?

Immigration is a hot button issue to be sure.

Some believe, (myself among them) that perhaps it’s time to align our immigration policy closer to that which other nations employ.

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Flipping Off Western Civilization

Flipping The Bird To Western Civilization @manningthewall.com

Flipping The Bird To Western Civilization

Not Cool.

This picture raises more questions than it answers.  Are these immigrants or native born Americans?  Tourists?  Members of the same family?

Without further information, all we are left with are presumptions.  But presumptions informed by experience.  This appears to be a family – a father and two daughters.  I feel sorry for the young lady in the middle.  She is clearly going along to get along and she’s too young to appreciate the ramifications.

The young lady in the blue shirt wears a face dipped in bitterness – reasons for which we can only guess.

What saddens me most – even more than the overt racism on display – is the obtuse position taken by all of them, particularly the man in the red hat.  A beneficiary of Western Civilization, he has taken it upon himself to curse the very culture which provides the protection he enjoys.

What is his next move when he finds himself surrounded by a majority population who hates Western Civilization as much at he does?

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The Solution To Healthcare.

Healthcare @manningthewall.com

Healthcare: Time to get serious.

The Commissars of the Federal Government are not serious about providing healthcare. They are on the other hand, serious about controlling the health insurance industry. The difference is important and should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention.

Government is about control. Healthcare, accounting for 1/7th of the United State’s economy represents a lot of control. If anyone is helped along the way, it’s usually an accident.

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Voluntarily Giving Up Power – America’s Second Declaration of Independence

Voluntarily giving up power is such a rarity, we name cities after those who do.  Such men make independence and liberty possible.

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (519 – 43o BC) was a Roman Senator who wanted to retire from public life.  But the Roman people wouldn’t let him.  So he came up with a plan.  He ran for Consul, the highest office in the Roman Republic.  This was a one-year, term-limited position.  Cincinnatus was elected easily, and served out his year.  At the end of his term, he retires to his estate, and manages his farm in the Patrician tradition.

Cincinnatus would have otherwise been a mere footnote in history.  However, the Aequians, a tribe to the northwest of Rome, declared war on the Republic in 457 BC.


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Happy Fathers Day!

Division of Labor.

I enjoy car trips with my wife. To be candid, she’s good company.  Now, do I wish she would take the wheel once in a while? Of course, I do.  But for the last 30 years, the pay-off has been huge.

We get to the hotel. I unload the car, piling the contents onto the luggage cart. The family helps as much as they can but mostly get in the way.  I push the cart into the lobby.  One of the kids, usually the boy, wants to come with me to park the car.   The wife steps forward to restrain him.  I raise my hand, palm out.  Let him come with me.

The Christensen Men @manningthewall.com

The Christensen Men.  Why must they grow up?

We exit the hotel, leaving the girls to check in.  When we come back to the lobby, usually she has the key-cards in hand.   I take them both, look at the room number and hand her back one of the cards.  Let’s go.

I’m slightly irritated.  It’s been a long drive.  The kids behave pretty well through the hallways and in the lobby.  The boy does have a rambunctious second or two.  She catches the eye of the offending party, ‘not now.’ Continue reading

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