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For the past few weeks, I’ve been knee-deep doing my part as a very-functional cog in the machinery of what is billed as the “largest annual training event in the U.S. Army.”  To no one’s surprise, Fort Knox is right where I left it last year.  ROTC Cadet Summer Training doesn’t leave much time to come up for air, but you make time for one’s priorities.

No, my twitter account has not been hacked, but some “Nigerian prince” has been using my profile photo. My thanks to those who alerted me.  I in turn have alerted Twitter, and hopefully that will be enough.

I’ve missed this one’s cooking like you would not believe. Or, maybe you do believe it if you’ve ever been blessed enough to sample her dishes. Making my own turkey wraps and Raman Noodles only gets me so far.

The following are my reflections and brain droppings from  the past few weeks. There’s no central thesis here. I’m  kind of going all over the place.

Let’s get started.

An attentive philosopher who goes by ZhukovG left the following pithy observation on Vox recently: “I wonder just how badly some folks are willing to smash the game board to save themselves…”

Succinct, a bit terse, and certainly inspired. This sums up the relentless shrieking rage directed at President Trump better than anything I have heard or read since his election victory.

We Are Putting Up With Psychotics Among The Ruling Class.

If you have a better explanation, I would dearly love to hear it. To some, the choice between Power and Legacy is no choice. The Deep State – the nebulous conglomeration of the Permanent Government Bureaucracy, the Corporate Media, and The Education Monopoly have made their choice clear. Power above all else, (and here’s the psychotic part) even as they wreck the societal infrastructure which makes that power possible.  The inability of the Left to follow the thread between their behavior and the collapse of the system that allows their behavior speaks of a dissonance one reserves and tolerates in children.

The nation debt of the United States is approaching $20T. Without a concerted plan to pay this down, the system will collapse. Our options are few and as I’ve pointed out before, none of them are good: Austerity, currency devaluation, or default. Realistically, austerity is a non-starter – have fun convincing the hydra-headed Deep State to do without. Devaluation or default? Hope you’re prepared for economic chaos. I doubt our feckless politicians have the stomach for that either, but if they continue to let it go, then the problem will resolve itself in the form of the aforementioned collapse. That’s real sequester, and the irony is that we finally will see all those starving children the Democrat Party is constantly forecasting.  Those with the requisite competencies for survival will take care of themselves and their families. The spoiled little snowflakes will be on their own.

But no, according to the Left, our duly elected president is the problem because he is “literally Hitler.”  If you’re going to murder the language with this level of indifference, don’t expect me to take your views seriously.  Of course, not all Millennials think this way.  I can attest that plenty of them are willing to work hard and devote considerable time and energy to something bigger than themselves.  In fact a few thousand of them are about to descend on Fort Knox in less than a week.

The Left Always Eat Their Own Stomachs.

No Bolshevik ever thinks he’s going to be shoved up against the wall by his friends… until he is. Masters and slaves of every Marxist movement will turn on each other after the revolution. It’s never not happened, because the purification process allows for nothing less. Which is why the Marxism movement will seemingly go decades without foot soldiers having killed so many of their own.  But sooner or later a new crop is birthed  – literally (correct usage of the word, BTW) who are both too young to remember, and don’t bother to study the history they are bound to repeat.

The President represents a serious threat to the Shrieking Godless Hordes. Internalize that, and you understand the panic behind the increasingly shrill invective hurled his way. In a sane world, the Left would put aside their animosity in the name of self-preservation. The fact that they don’t is indicative. They either 1. Have a plan, 2. Think they have a plan, or 3. Don’t think their survival is at stake in spite of the overwhelming facts to the contrary. I tend to believe number 3. Complete and utter denial is a hallmark of the Left’s belief system. I’m sure the 1/3 of the original Russian revolutionaries that met an early end prior to the start of World War II were in denial right up to the moment they were executed. I’m sure their families were in denial when they received the bill for the bullet.

Denial would explain the Deep State’s failure to address the national debt. It also explains its failure to come to terms with the currently shifting demographics. Enclaves where Third-world values gained a foothold now enjoy a significant plurality. Bill Maher recently asked that if Europe became 51% Islamic, would it still be Europe?

The Russians Are Most Definitely NOT coming.

No one “hacked” the election of 2016.  Hacking occurs when a hostile entity either takes control of an electronic device from a remote location, or changes the programing in some way.  In the early stages of the “Russians-Hacked-The-Election” hysteria, even the most hostile entities admitted that no voting machines were tampered with in order to favor either candidate.

The Election That Never Ends.

Robert Mueller’s appointment as special prosecutor will make little, if any difference.  Should his and his team’s investigation reveal nothing, then the Democrats will continue their shrieking.  Should the investigation into Russian interference in the last election cycle end up with at an indictment against at least one member of the Administration or the Trump campaign, the Democrats will… you guessed it – continue shrieking.

Here’s my prediction.  One member of the outer-circle is going down.  The charge will be perjury.  In other words, someone will remember a fact differently from someone else after their sixth or seventh interrogation.  The Democrats will call for his or her head.  Trump will commute the sentence or issue a pardon on his last day in office.  You read it here first.

The shrieking will continue until someone else is president.

How Are We Missing This?

If you don’t know who Seth Rich is, you should.

That being said, to the best of all the facts I am able to collect, Rich was not on his way to meet with investigators when he was killed, his family did not hire the private detective investigating his case, and have in fact disavowed him. As of this writing, Rich’s laptop remains in D.C. Police lock-up. Any speculation that it contains links to the administrator at Wiki-leaks’ are wishful thinking on the part of my fellow Conservatives/Libertarians. I would as soon believe that a conspiracy to assassinate a sitting president involving thousands of people could be kept airtight for nearly 60 years.

And no, the 69 year-old-woman who fails when the temperature ticks above 79 degrees and requires a narcotic cocktail to get through a 90-minute debate did not order a hit on Rich. There may be a pile of bodies in the Clinton orbit, but it’s unlikely that Seth Rich is one of them.

What is disturbing however, is this sampling from John Podesta’s E-mails:

John Podesta <> wrote: > Agree. Happy to talk to the David’s. Call me crazy, but I think if we can > survive the next month, it will be possible, maybe even straightforward to > get our arms around this once there is an actual campaign. I’m definitely > for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real > basis for it. > > JP > –Sent from my iPad– > > For scheduling: > > On Feb 22, 2015, at 5:56 PM,

What is probable, is that Seth Rich knew his attackers and that on its own warrants further investigation into his murder. Where he an RNC staffer or a member of the Trump Campaign, the alphabet soup networks would lead with the story every night.

Facebook Harassment

My brother’s friend from college likes to chime in on my Facebook account.  He’s your typical  liberal academic.  Which means he virtually immune to facts.  Still, I put up with it.  Because that’s what I do.

To wrap it up, The Man is having a great week:

Trump King Slaman

“Relax Salman, I’ll sign your copy of ‘The Art of The Deal.’ What, Melania? You don’t have that much Petroleum.”

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